Dr Bindunie Sirimanne M.D

A medical Doctor of 15 years’ experience, who graduated from Russian State Medical University in 1999.
Her first appointment was as a Medical Officer to the Sri Lankan Army Medical Corps where she served in the rank of a Captain. After her son was born in 2004, she took a career break and then changed her field from General Medicine to Cosmetic Medicine.
Venuz Transformz was created due to her passion towards beauty and cosmetics.
She named the project after the planet of beauty- Venus and believes that we could transform any human being on earth using the ultra-modern futuristic medical procedures combined with boosting the Mindfulness- the inner beauty, into aesthetically beautiful forms. She calls this the VENUZ concept.

Dr. Sirimanne, is qualified in laser and light therapies, non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as antiaging injectable treatments (BOTOX®) and Dermal fillers. She is also trained in non-surgical liposuction, which is done via radio frequency and ultrasound vacuum cavitation.
She is a registered member of the British Medical Laser Association, the World Association for Laser Therapies and the European Medical Laser Association. Dr Sirimanne is a multilingual speaker of English, Sinhalese, Russian Spanish and Hindi.